About me

My name is Michael Brandes. I am a principal consultant with long term experience in the management and IT domain.

My roots are as engineer in research and development and in my professional journey I have always been involved in leading edge technologies and methods.

I know how it feels to be employee in medium sized companies and also start-ups (almost 20 years) and now as self-employed consultant (> 10 years) working constantly in international business.

The following tags can be associated with my professional journey:

Sales and Marketing / Business development (EMEA & USA)
 Project and Quality Management
 Technical consulting international working groups
 Interim Management
 Bid Management
 Strategic and operative Planning
 Coaching
 Audits
 Member of EUROCONTROL bodies like AAB, EUR-AOG, 4D-FPL
 Work in institutional bodies (e.g. DGON, AECMA, BDLI, EUROCAE)

The main subjects are:

 System Engineering / Requirements management
 IT-Methods
 Safety Management
 Business Process Optimisation
 System and Network Management
 ATM systems and its developments
 Flight Tracking and Flight Planning
 CNS (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance)
 Professional Mobile Radio Systems
 RF Planning
 Internet portals (e.g. Web office, Unified Messaging)
 Integration Telecommunication (Voice over IP), Internet and Content